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Once he had mastered the malleability of colors, and gained a profound knowledge of the new technological advances in the fields of paintins, design, reproduction, photography and many more, Victor decide to dedicate his time to an apprenticeship with Master Painters.

Victor Madero’s work taps into a well of color; from were he gathers inspiration to create works of art that convey our cultural diversities. His paintins unveil the simple beauty fround in the crevices of our society.


A native Venezuelan artist, Victor devoted his life to the celebration of colors. Victor developed a rooted knowledge of the industry, by taping into every aspect of the world of the arts.

Victor’s life enabled him to maintain a relentless pursuit of insight into the very core of the Latin American culture. A devotion that originated in his childhood drawings took him on a voyage in search of worldly beauty and the savoir faire of how to interpret it and put in down on canvas.

His voyage in this industry took him from news agencies in Caracas to news agencies in New York City, to opening a design studio in Puerto Rico and expanding this to incorporate a printing company in Miami, Florida.

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